Susana Campino

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, Hinxton, UK

Susana is a senior postdoctoral scientist and project manager based at Sanger. Susana joined the Kwiatkowski group as a Marie Currie Fellow after completing her PhD in genetics of murine malaria in the Faculty of Biomedicine at the University of Umea (Sweden). She has continued to pursue research in malaria genetics in the host and parasite, with a particular interest in how natural variants in both genomes may modify gene regulation and splicing.

Currently Susana's principal focus is in developing the Plasmodium Genome Variation project, which aims to describe the genetic diversity between malaria parasites from across the globe using high-throughput genome resequencing. Her role includes partnership development and parasite sample collection in malaria-endemic countries, experimental handling of parasites, and investigating the population genetics and biology of genomic variants. Susana also contributed to early phases of MalariaGEN Consortial Projects 1 and 3, and looks forward to returning to her interest in host biology with functional studies of putative malaria resistance genes identified in these projects.