Olivo Miotto

Faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand

Centre for Genomics and Global Health, University of Oxford, UK

Olivo Miotto is a Senior Informatics Fellow for the Centre for Genomics and Global Health, Oxford and is based at the Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit in Bangkok. He has worked in software engineering for over two decades, both in commercial and academic environments, specializing on Web technologies. As a bioinformatician, his main interest is the large-scale aggregation of biological knowledge: the production of new knowledge from the analysis of massive quantities of data from diverse sources. To support large-scale analysis, he has developed methods for the recovery and management of metadata (descriptive information about biological data) based on semantic technologies. Prior to his involvement in malaria, these methods were applied to the genome-wide identification of host-adaptive mutations in influenza A, and of potential peptide vaccine targets in viruses (including dengue, influenza A, West Nile).

Olivo is currently working on translating the massive quantities of genomic data produced by large-scale sequencing into meaningful knowledge and tools usable by clinical investigators. Currently, his main focus is a major parasite genomics project which will sequence thousands of samples, enabling researchers to study genetic variations in the context of individual parasites, of whole populations, and of specific geographical regions. In Bangkok he works with research groups in affected regions to support their research needs, devising new genomics-based strategies for studies of malaria parasites, and tools for interpreting their results.

Olivo's work provides key collaboration tools to facilitate the clinical research of MalariaGEN partners.