Mahamadou Thera

Malaria Research and Training Centre, University of Bamako, Bamako, Mali

Mahamadou Thera is Deputy Head of the Malaria Vaccine Clinical Development Unit of the Malaria Research and Training Center (MRTC) and Professor of Parasitology-Mycology at the Faculty of Medicine, Pharmacy and Dentistry (FMPOS), University of Bamako.

He obtained an MD in 1986 from the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy of Jassy (Romania) and a Masters degree in Public Health at the National School of Medicine of Bamako in 1997. He completed a Master degree in Parasitology at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar (Senegal) in 2003 as well as a Masters degree in Biostatistics applied to Clinical Research from the University Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris, France.

His key achievements in malaria research have been: Phase 1/2 malaria vaccine trials that are contributing to the clinical development of the P. falciparum apical membrane antigen 1 (AMA1)-based malaria vaccines; molecular epidemiology of P. falciparum and the impact of malaria vaccine on parasite haplotypes distribution; human and parasite factors involved with the pathogenesis of P. falciparum severe malaria.

For MalariaGEN he is Lead Investigator of Consortial Project 1 implemented at the National Hospital Gabriel Toure in Bamako and at the Bandiagara district Referral Health Care Center.