Ethics for human genomics

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Ethics for collaborative genomics research

From the start, we've worked with the Ethox Centre at the University of Oxford to develop ethical frameworks for pursuing large-scale genomics research, particularly in the context of collaborations between researchers working in high- and low- or middle-income settings.

A highly-engaged programme of ethics activities

Our ethics team worked closely with the MalariaGEN Resource Centre and our research partners to:

  • Develop network-wide policies on ethical issues such as data-sharing, particularly for our human GWAS data
  • Provide ethics support, training and advice
  • Undertake research and facilitate consultations around important ethical issues

A range of ethical considerations, at all stages of our research

Our ethics work involved collaboratively identifying and addressing a range of important ethical issues that relate to the way our research is designed and conducted; the way data and research outcomes are analysed, shared and reported; and also the way our projects operate.

These ethical issues include:

Ethics and capacity building

Ethics of collaboration

Data sharing and open access

Use of ethnicity data

Informed consent for genomic research

Sharing aggregate genomic results with participating communities