This is a preview of the MalariaGEN Pf7 data release which will contain genome variation data on over 16,000 samples of Plasmodium falciparum from around the world. This data exploration tool describes the partner studies that have contributed samples and data to Pf7, and provides summary information about genetic markers of drug resistance in these samples. Follow this link for further information about the forthcoming Pf7 data release.

To find out more about the MalariaGEN P. falciparum methodology and data resource, follow this link to the Pf6 data release and please read our recent publication in Wellcome Open Research.

For the estimation of drug resistance, we focus on the following molecular markers for each drug described:

Artemisinin: Pf3D7_1343700; PfKelch13 – WHO classified resistance mutation within codons 349 - 726

Chloroquine: PF3D7_0709000; PfCRT – Codon 76

Mefloquine: PF3D7_0523000; PfMDR1 – whole gene amplification status

Piperaquine: Pf3D7_1408000 & Pf3D7_1408100; Pfplasmepsin2 & 3 – gene amplification status of both genes

Pyrimethamine: PF3D7_0417200; PfDHFR – Codon 108

Sulfadoxine: PF3D7_0810800; PfDHPS – Codon 437