GenRe-Mekong v1.0

Project: GenRe-Mekong

Released on 26 Jan 2021

This page contains information about the first GenRe-Mekong project data release (v1.0), comprising Genetic Report Cards data from 9,623 Plasmodium falciparum samples.

The v1.0 data release contains details on contributing partner studies, sample metadata and key sample attributes inferred from genomic data. The release is accompanied by a publication, detailing the project and highlighting a number of key analyses and results and an accompanying Resource page provides access a wealth of supplementary information, including all methods and protocols used, details of reagents, information about the participating studies, as well as sample information, accession numbers, genotype calls and phenotype predictions.

GenRe-Mekong data were produced using the SPOTmalaria genetic surveillance framework. SPOTmalaria implements standardized methodologies and processing pipelines for extracting and nalysed genetic data from small blood samples collected from malaria-infected patients. The methodology defines procedures for every step of the process: ethics submissions, dried blood spots sample collection, sample extraction, quality assurance, and genotyping. SPOTmalaria also provides informatics support for sample management, data processing, storage and delivery.

These data are available open access. Publications using these data should acknowledge and cite the source of the data using the following form:
‘This publication uses data from the GenRe-Mekong Project, as described in: Jacob CG et al.; Genetic surveillance in the Greater Mekong Subregion and South Asia to support malaria control and elimination. eLife 2021;10:e62997 DOI: 10.7554/eLife.62997

28 Jan 2021

Study information

Details of the 12 partner studies contributing to GenRe-Mekong, including study description, contact information and key people.

Download study information.

28 Jan 2021

Genotypes, Phenotype predictions and Sample provenance

Sample information including provenance, genotype and phenotype information: for the 9,623 samples analysed.

Download provenance, genotype information and phenotype information

  • Genotype data
  • Sample metadata
24 May 2021

Resource Page and Technical Notes

In-depth technical details of methods, procedures and protocols used to produce the dataset, including phenotype prediction rules. It also includes details of the format and interpretation of data file tables.

Access the Resource Page for complete technical information on the V1.0 dataset

Download SpotMalaria Technical Notes