P. falciparum Community Project Jan. 2016 data release

Project: P. falciparum Community Project

Released on 15 Jan 2016

This page contains information about the P. falciparum Community Project Jan. 2016 data release. This release contains sample information, accession numbers and genotype calls for samples used in the analyses described in MalariaGEN P. falciparum Community Project, 2016.

At the time of their release, these data were subject to the P. falciparum Community Project Terms of Use. In February 2017, these restrictions were lifted and these data are now available open access.

Sample information

Download sample information including ENA accession numbers, country and year of collection, partner study information, and sample IDs for 3,411 samples from 23 countries.


Genotype calls on 935,601 SNPs in 3,394 samples from 22 countries.

These data can be downloaded from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute public ftp site.


Please note:

  • This genotype data file is large (around 6GB when unzipped), and as such could cause problems with operating systems that have a maximum file size of 2GB. The file is intended for use with bioinformatic tools, and due to its size is unlikely to open in applications such as Excel.
  • Links to FTP sites no longer work with the Google Chrome Web Browser. If you are experiencing difficulties, please update your settings or use an alternative browser.

Release notes

15 Jan 2016
Data excluded from release

Sequence read data and genotypes on samples collected in Indonesia cannot be made publically available because of national export restrictions.