P. vivax Genome Variation May 2016 data release

Project: P. vivax Genome Variation

Released on 21 Jun 2016

This page contains information about the P. vivax Genome Variation project May 2016 data release. This data release contains sample information, accession numbers, and genotype calls for samples used in the analyses described in Pearson et al, 2016. The full text article is accessible online.

These data are available open access. 

Sample information

Download sample information including ENA accessions numbers, country and year of collection, partner study information, and sample IDs for 228 samples from 13 countries.


Genotype calls on 303,616 SNPs in 228 samples from 13 countries.

These data can be downloaded from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute public ftp site.

NOTE: Many browsers now do not support links to FTP sites. If you are experiencing difficulties, you may need to change your browser settings.

Release notes

21 Jun 2016
Acknowledging and citing these data

The sequence data were generated by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute as part of the P. vivax Genome Variation project, an international collaboration involving several independent research groups. These data are described in Pearson et al, 2016.

Sequence read data from Indonesia cannot be made publically available because of national export restrictions.

If you use these data, we expect you to respect the efforts of data producers by citing the source of the data. If your analyses result in a publication, please include the following acknowledgement in your Methods section:

“This publication uses data from the MalariaGEN P. vivax Genome Variation project, as described in Pearson et al, Nature Genetics, 2016 (doi: 10.1038/ng.3599).”

Additionally, you may also cite the data set directly:

MalariaGEN P. vivax Genome Variation project (2016). P. vivax Genome Variation May 2016 data release. MalariaGEN. https://www.malariagen.net/data/p-vivax-genome-variation-may-2016-data-release.