The latest data provides a list of current MalariaGEN data releases.

The data archive maintains a record of data releases that have been superseded by newer releases.

On occasion, we also release specific data used in published analyses. To access these data, visit the resource page for the relevant paper, in our Publications section.

8 Feb 2021

Ag1000G phase 3 SNP data release

Project: Ag1000G
Species: A. gambiae sensu lato

Sample metadata, sequence read alignments and single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) calls from whole-genome sequencing of 2,784 wild-caught mosquitoes collected from 19 African countries, and 297 mosquitoes comprising parents and progeny of 15 lab crosses.

13 Nov 2020

Catalogue of Genetic Variation in P. falciparum - v6.0

Project: P. falciparum Community Project
Species: P. falciparum

Sample information for 7,113 samples from 29 countries
Genotypes for 5,970 samples from 29 countries

  • ENA Accessions
  • Genotype data
  • Sample metadata
  • SNPs
15 Aug 2019

Genome-wide study of resistance to severe malaria in eleven populations (version 2)

Project: Consortial Project 1

Genome-wide genotype data for 10,792 severe malaria- affected individuals and 10,063 controls from eleven worldwide populations; and direct typing of selected genetic variants in 15,865 severe malaria-affected individuals and 19,845 controls from the same populations.

15 Aug 2019

Whole genome sequencing of six ethnic groups from Burkina Faso, Cameroon, and Tanzania

Project: Consortial Project 3

Whole genome sequence data on 374 individuals from six ethic groups from 3 countries.

19 Jul 2019

Gambian Genome Variation Project - Open Access Data

Project: Consortial Project 3

Low coverage sequencing of the Fula, Jola, Mandinka and Woloff from Gambia Western Division.

6 Nov 2017

Ag1000G phase 2 AR1 data release

Project: Ag1000G
Species: A. gambiae sensu lato

Sample set: 1,142 wild-caught specimens from 13 countries and 234 specimens comprising parents and progeny of 11 crosses.