Prof D Kwiatkowski: "Understanding what's going on in the mosquito population is crucial"

In the media
14 May 2015
BBC Radio 4 World at One

Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski spoke to BBC World at One about the importance of using ‪genomics‬ to inform the fight against ‪‎malaria‬.

BBC Radio 4 World at One - Interview with Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski.

If you listen closely, you can hear the buzz of the insectary, and the whir of the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute DNA sequencers. On a daily basis, these machines produce enormous amounts of data – data that is underpinning important research happening around the world. In the fight against malaria, genome sequencing is helping us to understand how parasite and mosquito populations are evolving, and how these genetic changes contribute to drug and insecticide resistance.

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