MalariaGEN-PAMCA Anopheles Genomics Training Programme Travel Award

News article
8 July 2022
Anophleles genome training

MalariaGEN and the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) continue to develop their existing collaboration in announcing a travel award for individuals to attend an in person Genomic Data Analysis Hackathon. The event will be linked to the PAMCA Annual Conference being held in Kigali, Rwanda in September 2022.

Throughout 2022 PAMCA and MalariaGEN have partnered to deliver a very successful virtual training programme on data analysis for genomic surveillance of African malaria vectors. The one day hackathon provides an opportunity for those enrolled in the training programme and teaching assistants to meet each other in person; there will be time and space for face-to-face meetings and support for those who are beginning to work on independent analyses of genomic data; and the opportunity to develop future collaborations.

The session will start with an introduction to the latest genomic data resources available from MalariaGEN with discussions about ideas for analysis projects. Participants will then choose their own project, and begin to work either independently or collaboratively with other colleagues who have chosen the same or closely related projects. Throughout the day there will be numerous opportunities for the participants to share findings, results and code and ask questions. 

The travel award is open to any participants of the virtual training programme who have been attending the workshops regularly and submitting their workbooks to the teaching assistants. The organisers are actively looking for wide geographical and gender representation at the event.

The travel awards are for a maximum of £2000 each to support the recipients to attend the hackathon and PAMCA Annual Conference. For more details on the award and links to the application form please contact pc24 [at] (pc24 [at] The deadline for applications is 21 July 2022.  


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