Issue 1 - Data releases in all three malaria genomes & more

25 March 2015
Screen capture from a video introduction to the Ag1000G web application.

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In this issue:

Data releases

  • Watch a walkthrough video of the Ag1000G Phase 1 AR2 data release
  • Pf3k makes a second data release
  • New human GWAS data sets available

Project updates

  • Consortial Project makes large genotype data release to partners


  • Mark your calendars for GEM Retreat 2015


  • An interview with MRC Gambia's Dr Alfred Amambua-Ngwa

Selected publications

  • Links to the latest malaria publications

Malaria in the media

  • Watch doctoral candidate Will Hamilton explain how var genes help malaria parasites hide
  • Links to malaria-related stories on the BBC and the Wall Street Journal