Issue 3 - A new locus of resistance to severe malaria, new data releases & more

5 October 2015
Screen capture from the latest MalariaGEN animation.

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In this issue:


  • Genes that protect African children from developing malaria identified

Data releases

  • Ag1000G Consortium releases data on 845 mosquito genomes
  • The first data release from the P. falciparum Genetic Crosses project
  • New genetic variation data on P. falciparum populations


  • Our largest-ever release of parasite genotypes to partners
  • New animation: How can a person's genetic make-up help protect them against malaria?
  • Large study of the genetics of acquired immunity to malaria published


  • Will Hamilton writes about his experience collecting samples in Ghana
  • An interview with Prof Lisa White who leads the Mathematical and Economic Modelling Unit (MAEMOD) at the Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit



  • ASHG
  • Infectious Disease Genomics


  • Wellcome Trust Advanced Course: Genomic Epidemiology in Africa - links to course materials and photos

Recent publications

  • Links to the latest malaria publications

Malaria in the media

  • Listen to Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski's interview with BBC World Service
  • Coverage of our Nature paper in The Guardian and the Washington Post
  • Links to malaria-related stories on the Wellcome Trust Blog and BBC
  • features our research in a primer on drug resistant malaria