Publications and Presentations Committee (PPC)

In 2011, we established the Publications and Presentations Committee (PPC) as a mechanism to ensure publications and presentations arising from Consortial Projects 1-4 meet the criteria outlined in the Joint Policy of Data Sharing, Intellectual Property and Publications.

The PPC reviews proposed publications and presentations to assess:

  • Authorship based on generally accepted standards of fairness and an individual's contribution
  • Recognition of the MalariaGEN network as a whole and its multiple partners
  • Ensure acknowledgement of funding and other means of support

If you are preparing a publication or presentation that you think should be considered by the PPC, please contact KimJ [at]

Dr Michael Gottlieb
Role: Chair
Deputy Director of Science
Foundation for the National Institutes of Health, USA
Prof Muntaser Ibrahim
University of Khartoum, Sudan
Prof Nadira Karunaweera
Chair, Head of Department and Senior Professor of Parasitology
University of Colombo, Sri Lanka
Visiting Scientist
School of Public Health, Harvard University, USA