A novel locus of resistance to severe malaria in a region of ancient balancing selection

This page provides information on the 34 genomic regions with the most evidence for association with severe malaria in the analysis presented in ‘A novel locus of resistance to severe malaria in a region of ancient balancing selection’, Malaria Genomic Epidemiology Network, Nature 2015. The region around a previously implicated SNP near the gene MARVELD3 is also shown. For each region, we provide information on the variant with the most evidence for association (lead variant) in the region, a forest plot detailing estimated effect sizes, and regional association plots showing evidence across the region.

Full details of the analysis are given in the article linked to above. For further resources and information about the data underlying the paper, see the manuscript's home page.

The data and plots underlying this page are also available by downloading this ZIP archive.

Using this page

The table below lists the rsid, genomic position, alleles, and bayesian and frequentist summaries of the evidence for association at the lead variant in each region. We also show the boundaries of the region of association (defined as a region of 0.25cM±25kb centred at the lead variant) and regional genes. Regional association plots and a forest plot for the lead variant can be viewed and downloaded by clicking 'view plots' in each row. Columns containing further information on imputation performance and estimated effect sizes can be obtained using the 'Show/hide columns' button. Use the arrows in column headers to adjust sort order; the search box can also be used to filter the list of regions.

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