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by integrating epidemiology with genome science

  1. Pf3k web application

    Explore the latest Pf3k data release including sample information and genotypes for more than 2,500 P. falciparum samples.


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  2. Ag1000G web application

    Explore data from the Anopheles gambiae 1000 genomes project (Ag1000G) on genetic variation between mosquitoes from across sub-Saharan Africa


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  3. P. falciparum web application

    Use our interactive web application to explore the P. falciparum Community Project catalogue of genetic variation and allele frequencies.


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60 secs with... Dr Janet Midega
24 Jun 2015
Dr Janet Midega is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Anopheles Genetics working across the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics in Oxford and the... More »
2015 GEM Retreat
24 Jun 2015
The annual Genomic Epidemiology of Malaria (GEM) meeting took place from 8-12 June, hosted by the Wellcome Trust Scientific Conferences Programme in... More »