A data-sharing community working to develop new tools to control malaria
by integrating epidemiology with genome science

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    Explore the latest Pf3k data release including sample information and genotypes for more than 2,500 P. falciparum samples.


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  2. Ag1000G web application

    Explore data from the Anopheles gambiae 1000 genomes project (Ag1000G) on genetic variation between mosquitoes from across sub-Saharan Africa


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  3. P. falciparum web application

    Use our interactive web application to explore the P. falciparum Community Project catalogue of genetic variation and allele frequencies.


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Listen online: Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski on BBC World at One
14 May 2015
Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski spoke to BBC World at One about the importance of using ‪genomics‬ to inform the fight against ‪‎malaria‬. If you listen... More »
Pf3k Consortium releases data on more than 2,500 P. falciparum genomes
24 Apr 2015
The Pf3k Consortium has made its third public data release, the first to include data on all samples in the pilot phase of the project. Consisting of... More »