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Malaria drug resistance animation online

Check out our animation about malaria drug resistance and genomics

News 1 Jul 2013
MalariaGEN animation about malaria drug resistance and genomics.

The animation introduces malaria, a life-threatening illness caused by parasites, and goes on to illustrate how DNA sequencing technologies can be used to better understand drug resistant malaria parasites, and to track and contain them before they spread.

The animation is the result of a collaboration between the Centre for Genomics and Global Health, MalariaGEN and the Sanger Institute, and was designed to accompany the Sanger Institute’s exhibit ‘Beyond the Genome’ at this year’s Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition.

The Sanger Institute exhibit, ‘DNA Sequencing: Beyond the Genome,’ took visitors on a journey through the history of DNA sequencing from early methods through to powerful next generation technologies. As visitors moved through the exhibit they learned how the Sanger Institute is going beyond scientific research and is beginning to improve healthcare, including the use of DNA sequencing technologies in ongoing drug resistance surveillance efforts.



Watch the animation


Animation Credits

Art & Animation: Laura Hart, Hart Graphics

Music: Accralate by Kevin MacLeod