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MalariaGEN creates genetic data resources to support the control and elimination of malaria


A worldwide network of collaborators, we study malaria epidemiology and evolution to create accessible resources for malaria control.


Explore the genomes of the three organisms involved in malaria transmission:


 Parasite Mosquito Human


NEW: Vector genomics fellows... more

Latest data resources

December 8, 2022
Pf7, the newest version of our largest Plasmodium falciparum dataset, contains over 20,000 whole genome sequences. The paper describing the results was published in Wellcome Open Research in January 2023.
Started 2021
The MalariaGEN Vector Observatory has sequenced more than 15,000 samples in the Anopheles gambiae complex from 26 countries. 
February 11, 2022
The Pv4 dataset contains genome variation data on 1,895 worldwide samples of Plasmodium vivax, the second-deadliest form of malaria.