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Malaria researchers featured by ‘women in science’ illustrator
News 27 May 2021

Nina Chhita draws women fighting malaria with genomics

Four malaria researchers who are working with the MalariaGEN network are the subject of new paintings by the science illustrator Nina Chhita this month. Nina has built up a large following through her illustrations of trailblazing scientists who are underrepresented in their fields.

In her latest series, focusing on the genetics of parasite and vector resistance to drugs and pesticides, Nina has profiled Dr Luna Kamau, Dr Laura Anderson, Dr Rintis Noviyanti and Dr Anita Ghansah. Recommended by their peers to represent the field, they are unlocking the genetic mechanisms behind resistance through innovative genomic research.

“It was a pleasure to illustrate these scientists working with the MalariaGEN network, in what has already been a particularly significant year for malarial genomic research. I wanted to highlight the possibilities of genomic research and how this tool will help overcome some of the greatest challenges to eliminating malaria. What stood out to me was how the MalariaGEN network clearly models collaboration, including when choosing the scientists to highlight.”

See the illustrations and profiles on Nina Chhita’s nina.draws.scientists Instagram