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MalariaGEN Podcast: Dr Kirk Rockett and Professor Michael Parker discuss the MalariaGEN Consortium and the ethics of sharing human genome data
News 6 Dec 2021
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What does it take to build an enduring international research collaboration that uses genomics to understand, control and eliminate malaria?

In this podcast we speak to Dr Kirk Rockett, recently retired as Genomics Research Manager at MalariaGEN, University of Oxford, and Prof Michael Parker, Ethox Centre director at University of Oxford, about how the early ethics research programme established lasting principles for genomic research collaborations and data sharing.

They reflect on:

  • the ethical challenges in sampling human genomes in relation to severe malaria
  • how embedding an ethics programme built trust and shaped the development of the Consortium and its data sharing principles
  • how the MalariaGEN Consortium has shaped the science and ethics around wider genomic research.

Listen or download the full interview below.

MalariaGEN Podcasts focus on genomic surveillance and drug and insecticide resistance in Plasmodium parasites and Anopheles mosquitoes. They explore how genomic research collaborations and data-sharing are increasing our understanding of how to control and eliminate the disease.

MalariaGEN partners have built the world’s largest reference data resource for the species that cause and transmit malaria.

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