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Unveiling the new MalariaGEN website 

Explore the new online home of MalariaGEN! The updates aim to create a cleaner and more modern design, making it easier for users to access, navigate, and analyse malaria genomic data.

News 31 Jan 2024

At the core of MalariaGEN’s mission is the democratisation of genomic surveillance for malaria. We believe that by making our data accessible, we empower researchers and decision-makers in malaria endemic countries to analyse information swiftly, leading to more informed decisions on malaria control strategies.

The data you know and rely on is still at the heart of our platform, but now it’s wrapped in a more intuitive interface.

Here, we’ll outline the specific changes, focusing on the enhanced features and improved user interface that you can expect.

What's New?

Revamped design

Our website now has a cleaner and more modern aesthetic. This will enhance your interactions, making your exploration of MalariaGEN data, resources, and news as easy as it is informative. 

Enhanced accessibility

Navigating through MalariaGEN data has never been easier. We’ve implemented filters that allow you to explore MalariaGEN projects, data archives, and contributors based on year and organism.

You can also filter partner studies by location, status, and organism, making it easier to find the data you need.

Cloud-powered data tools

We’re embracing the future of data analysis with our latest data releases. Our associated tools, including Jupyter books and GitHub user guides, are now presented clearly alongside our data packages to allow you to analyse data directly from the cloud.

Clearer terms of use

Understanding and utilising open-access MalariaGEN data resources has become more straightforward – our terms of use will always be visible for users on each data page.

Same data, refreshed experience

While the core of our malaria genomic data and the vast contents of the website remain unchanged, we’ve given it a fresh look which improves the way users access and use data. 

We believe this refresh is a step towards a more accessible and impactful MalariaGEN community.