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World Malaria Day 2016: Combatting malaria through collaboration
Event 25 Apr 2016
Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski presenting at World Malaria Day event in Oxford, 25 April 2016. Credit: Rachel Giacomantonio.

On Monday, 25 April people across the globe took part in a wide range of activities to mark World Malaria Day. In Oxford, leading malaria researchers from across the University of Oxford and its overseas Units, came together to discuss the complexity of the malaria challenge, share aspects of the their multi-disciplinary research, and examine the crucial role of collaboration in coordinated efforts to eliminate malaria.

The event was chaired by Prof Kevin Marsh, Centre for Tropical Medicine & Global Health, Nuffield Department of Medicine, University of Oxford and Chair of the WHO Malaria Policy Advisory Committee (MPAC). He opened the session by highlighting progress made in the fight against malaria, an illness caused by several species of Plasmodium parasites. He reminded the audience that while we think of malaria as a global health challenge, it’s not an equally distributed problem. Looking at the situation 10-15 years ago, mortality was very high, but a massive investment since the turn of the century has helped to drive a real revolution: malaria mortality rates fell by 60% globally and by 66% in Africa.

While this is tremendous progress, Prof Marsh emphasised that we need to be realistic. We’re facing several real threats to these gains including drug resistance, insecticide resistance, and the need for increased funding. There’s no point in trying to eliminate malaria unless we address these challenges.

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Dr Katherine Battle (Malaria Atlas Project) – Watch video

Topic: P. vivax – the neglected parasite – mapping the challenge
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Prof Philippe Guérin (WWARN) – Watch video

Topic: Pooled analyses – gathering large data sets to improve malaria drug efficacy and patient treatment outcomes
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Prof Nick White (Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit) – Watch video

Topic: Malaria and drug resistance – confirming and responding to ACT resistance in SE Asia
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Dr Sumi Biswas (Jenner Institute) – Watch video

Topic: A malaria vaccine – our progress on the development of a life-saving vaccine
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Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski (MalariaGEN) – Watch video

Topic: How can genomics help to end malaria for good?