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Coordination at MalariaGEN
Kwiatkowski Group Retreat 2015. Photo credit: Jacob Almagro Garcia.

Our team

The work of the MalariaGEN Resource Centre is coordinated by five interdisciplinary teams.

Lab team

The lab team is responsible for secure archival of the samples contributed to MalariaGEN projects; driving forward large-scale genotyping and sequencing experiments; and providing training and support for MalariaGEN partners in laboratory methods and data management.

Informatics team

The informatics team manages our data production pipelines, oversees partner and public data releases, and builds secure web-based systems for managing and integrating large amounts of clinical and genomic data. They also work with the analysis team to develop novel algorithms for complex analyses of genetic association and population genetics, and design user-friendly web applications to allow our partners and the broader research community to analyse genetic and genomic data sets.

Analysis team

The analysis team performs quantitative genomics data analysis and research for MalariaGEN projects, and helps MalariaGEN partners to analyse their data and design new studies through one-to-one assistance and training workshops.

Ethics team

The ethics team provides support for MalariaGEN partners in responding to ethical issues, helps to form MalariaGEN policy on issues of ethics and data ownership, and does research into the ethical and social implications of genomic epidemiology. The ethics team is based at the Ethox Centre within the Nuffield Department of Population Health at Oxford University.

Programme management team

The programme management team provides support and coordination for MalariaGEN’s research programme by assisting with project coordination, policy development, data-sharing, and communications.

Current members

Members of the MalariaGEN Resource Centre are based primarily within Prof. Dominic Kwiatkowski’s research groups at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Human Genetics at the University of Oxford and at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute on the Wellcome Genome Campus. We’re also indebted to the many past members who’ve made important contributions to MalariaGEN.