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Anopheles funestus Genomic Surveillance Project Terms of Use

Although malaria is generally an endemic rather than an epidemic disease, and the focus of this project is on surveillance of disease vectors rather than pathogens, our data terms of use build on MalariaGEN’s approach to data sharing, and adopt norms which have been established for rapid sharing of pathogen genomic data during disease outbreaks. The primary rationale for this approach is that malaria remains a public health emergency, where ethically appropriate and rapid sharing of genomic surveillance data can help to detect and respond to biological threats such as new forms of insecticide resistance, and to adapt malaria vector control strategies to different settings and changing circumstances.

Please refer to each data release (see below) for details of the associated terms of use.

If you have any questions regarding terms of use, please contact

For more information, see the Anopheles funestus Genomic Surveillance Project page.