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Human GWAS data
Human GWAS data at MalariaGEN

This page provides detail about how to apply for access to human GWAS data and links to the relevant policies regarding data use.

The primary objective of our human genome-wide association studies (GWAS) is to identify genetic variants that confer resistance or susceptibility to severe malaria. We’re also developing methodologies to investigate the genetic basis of common diseases in Africa and other malaria-endemic countries.

In pursuing these objectives, the MalariaGEN Consortium has generated substantial data resources and collectively agreed to a managed access mechanism for releasing these data (see Parker et al, 2009). Following a nine month embargo period, human GWAS data sets are deposited in the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) to promote the scientific use of these data and to encourage research of relevance to developing countries.

Access to individual-level genotype data is available by application to the Wellcome Sanger Institute (WSI) Data Access Committee (DAC), and granted subject to the MalariaGEN Data Release Policy for Genome-wide Association Data and the terms of the WSI Data Access Agreement.

Applying for access

Before applying

In making their decision, the WSI DAC will consider whether the proposed use of the data is compatible with the policies that govern use of these data. The MalariaGEN Data Release Policy for Genome-wide Association Data was developed in consultation with our partners and responds to the important ethical issues arising from the collection, storage, use, and sharing of human genetic data, including the need to provide protection for participants and communities being sampled.

All applicants should read the MalariaGEN Data Release Policy for Genome-wide Association Data and consider the MalariaGEN research and publication plan before applying for access to human GWAS data.

How to apply

Applications for access to data can be submitted at any time; the WSI DAC considers applications on a rolling basis. You can apply online via the WSI’s electonic data access management (eDAM) system, this will require that you create an account, which also allows you to keep track of any previous applications. If you need any assistance, please contact

MalariaGEN Consortium’s research and publication plan

Like many research consortia, the MalariaGEN Consortium seeks to achieve a balance between sharing the data resources it has generated with the research community, and protecting the first publication rights of the data producers. Previously, MalariaGEN maintained a list of planned analyses and researchers granted access to released data were not permitted to submit their analyses or conclusions in these areas for publication during the embargo period. As of the December 2020 these analyses are complete and this restriction no longer applies. This change has been reflected in Version 1.3 of the MalariaGEN Data Release Policy for Genome-wide Association Data.

These terms of use apply to: