The latest data provides a list of current MalariaGEN data releases.

The data archive maintains a record of data releases that have been superseded by newer releases.

On occasion, we also release specific data used in published analyses. To access these data, visit the resource page for the relevant paper, in our Publications section.

16 Oct 2015

Pf3k pilot data release 4

Project: Pf3k
Species: P. falciparum

Sample set: 2,517 samples from 14 countries and 5 lab strains (7G8, GB4, KH02, KE01, GN01)

Sample information, analysis BAMs, and de novo genotype calls built using a pipeline based on GATK best practices

19 Aug 2015

Catalogue of Genetic Variation in P. falciparum - v4.0

Project: P. falciparum Community Project
Species: P. falciparum

Sample set: 3,488 samples from 23 countries

High-quality SNPs: 900,000+

22 Jul 2015

Ag1000G phase 1 AR3 data release

Project: Ag1000G
Species: A. gambiae sensu lato

Sample set: 765 wild-caught specimens from 8 countries and 80 specimens comprising parents and progeny of four crosses

18 May 2015

P. falciparum genetic crosses 1.0 data release

Project: P. falciparum Genetic Crosses
Species: P. falciparum

Sample set: Parents and 78 progeny clones from three crosses (3D7xHB3, HB3xDd2 and 7G8xGB4)

Sequence data and variant calls

14 Apr 2015

Pf3k pilot data release 3

Project: Pf3k
Species: P. falciparum

Sample set: 2,512 samples from 14 countries

Sample information, accession numbers, and genotypes

30 Jun 2014

Imputation-based meta-analysis of severe malaria

Project: Consortial Project 1

EGA Study ID: EGAS00001000807

Three populations: Gambia (1,533 controls; 1,247 cases); Kenya (1,544 controls; 1,711 cases); Malawi (2,239 controls; 1,451 cases)