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1157 P. vivax SNP barcode for mapping parasite transmission and spread within and across borders: a vivaxGEN initiative

Locations: Afghanistan (AF), Bangladesh (BD), Bhutan (BT), China (CN), Colombia (CO), Ethiopia (ET), India (IN), Indonesia (ID), Iran (IR), Malaysia (MY), Papua New Guinea (PG), Sudan (SD), Vietnam (VN).


Partner study description

This project describes the genomic component within the broader vivaxGEN initiative. The vivaxGEN network comprises researchers and other key stakeholders from across the globe with a shared aim to develop novel molecular surveillance tools for P. vivax that provide clinically relevant information on emerging parasite adaptations, transmission dynamics, the major routes of parasite spread within and across borders, and the impact of local treatment policies on the dormant liver-stage reservoir. Researchers involved in this collaboration aim to identify markers through several separate genome-wide studies at each of the 14 sites/countries involved. Current studies include a multicenter collaborative effort to detect geographic markers for identifying and mapping imported P. vivax infections. Another study is underway to identify microhaplotype-based markers across the P. vivax genome that can be used as a parsimonious approach to characterize the identity by descent (IBD) between infection pairs. These and other markers will then be applied as a ‘genetic barcode’ that can be used at high sample throughput on a broad range of sample sources including DNA derived from blood spots on filter paper. To find out more about our work, visit the vivaxGEN site ( For interests in collaborating on any of the above projects, contact us at the emails below.