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Evaluation of the susceptibility of malaria vectors to insecticides in Guinea-Bissau (1352-VO-GW-OSORIO)

Location: Guinea-Bissau (GW).


These samples will be used to study the genetic structure of vector populations within the Anopheles gambiae complex in Guinea-Bissau, with two main aims. Firstly, the genomic data generated will be used to better understand the geographical distribution of newly discovered (and likely medically relevant) cryptic species within the complex, provisionally named Bissau molecular form. Secondly, the data generated from these samples will be used to investigate the genetic profile of insecticide resistance across all the gambiae complex taxa, including scanning the genomes for novel signals of insecticide-driven selection.


  • Hugo Costa Osório: National Institute of Health Doutor Ricardo Jorge, Portugal
  • Alessandra della Torre: Università di Roma Sapienza, Italy
  • Amabélia Rodrigues: Projeto de Saúde de Bandim, Guiné-Bissau
  • Ronise Silva: Projeto de Saúde de Bandim, Guiné-Bissau