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Ag1000G - GABON (AG1000G-GA-1)
Project: Ag1000G

Location: Gabon (GA).


Partner study description

Mosquitoes were collected by landing catches in the capital city Libreville (0.384, 9.455) in December 2000 (1), an urban and polluted site. Malaria is endemic throughout the year. Specimens were stored in alcohol at -20C. Co-occurrence of both kdr resistance alleles and absence of wild-type susceptible alleles have been reported in this population (1). An. coluzzii and An. melas are also present in the region but at frequencies <1% (2). Specimens were stored on silica gel and DNA extraction was performed by a phenol-chloroform protocol described in (3).

1. J. Pinto, A. Lynd, N. Elissa, M. J. Donnelly, C. Costa, G. Gentile, A. Caccone, and V. E. DO Rosario. Co-occurrence of east and west african kdr mutations suggests high levels of resistance to pyrethroid insecticides in anopheles gambiae from libreville, gabon. Med Vet Entomol, 20:27–32, March 2006.

2. Jean-Romain Mourou, Thierry Coffinet, Fanny Jarjaval, Christelle Cotteaux, Eve Pradines, Lydie Godefroy, Maryvonne Kombila, and Frédéric Pagès. Malaria transmission in libreville: results of a one year survey. Malaria J, 11:40, 2012.

3. M. J. Donnelly, N. Cuamba, J. D. Charlwood, F. H. Collins, and H. Townson. Population structure in the malaria vector, anopheles arabiensis patton, in east africa. Heredity, 83:408–417, October 1999.


Nohal Elissa Institut Pasteur de Madagascar, Avaradoha, BP 1274, 101 Antananarivo, Madagascar.

João Pinto ( Global Health and Tropical Medicine, GHTM, Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, IHMT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, UNL, Rua da Junqueira 100, 1349–008 Lisbon, Portugal.