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Project: Ag1000G

Location: Mozambique (MZ).


Partner study description

Mosquito samples were collected in Furvela (-23.716, 35.299), Mozambique, by CDC light traps between December 2003 and April 2004. Specimens were stored on silica gel and DNA was extracted according to (1). Contributed specimens consisted of An. gambiae individuals identified according to (2). Furvela is a rural village located in Inhambane Province, where malaria is transmitted mainly by An. gambiae and An. funestus (3). An. arabiensis and An. merus are also found at low frequency. Sporozoite rates around 4% have been reported in An. gambiae from Furvela (3).

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João Pinto ( Global Health and Tropical Medicine, GHTM, Instituto de Higiene e Medicina Tropical, IHMT, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, UNL, Rua da Junqueira 100, 1349–008 Lisbon, Portugal.