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Kate Rowlands
Team Coordinator; Genomic Surveillance Unit, Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Kate works within the Malaria Parasite Surveillance Team in the Genomic Surveillance Unit. The team generates and curates genomic public health data on the parasites that cause malaria. We also develop new scientific and bioinformatic techniques that expand our ability to track genetic changes in these dangerous parasites.

Kate coordinates work and supports the activities of the team. She works closely with laboratory scientists to establish their requirements to develop new products, processes and pipelines that can be implemented at WSI and in malaria endemic countries to aid genomic surveillance of plasmodium parasites. She identifies, engages and works with partners and collaborators to source and organise clinical samples from overseas for R&D development and provides comprehensive support and detailed documentation to facilitate this. She acts as a point of contact for internal and external stakeholders, fostering strong relationships with partners and colleagues to ensure all requirements are met for work within the team.

Kate Rowlands

United Kingdom