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Ethics capacity building
Ethics Summer School. Photo credit: Ethox Centre.

From an early stage, a significant number of our partners in low- and middle-income settings expressed a strong interest in building local capacity in ethics research.

To support our partners need for easy access to ethics advice, support and research, our ethics team:

  • Led workshops and training sessions on important ethical issues in partner institutions in Africa and Southeast Asia, in order to ensure high ethical standards and to develop network-wide policies
  • Secured funding from Wellcome Trust and other funders to support five doctoral students from Africa and Southeast Asia to carry out ethics research on topics such as:
    • Use of ethnicity data
    • Benefit-sharing
    • Collection and export of biological samples from Africa
    • Duties of researchers and health professionals when malaria research generates information about sickle-cell status
    • Ethical issues arising in research in emergency settings

The success of this doctoral programme – and the in-depth experience working with MalariaGEN – helped the Ethox Centre and its partners in Africa and Southeast Asia to secure a Wellcome Trust Strategic Award to fund a five-year programme of ethics research and capacity building with Wellcome Trust’s Major Overseas Programmes in Kenya, Malawi, South Africa, Thailand-Laos, and Vietnam. Awarded in 2012, this funding was also used to form the Global Health Bioethics Network (GHBN).