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Procurement grants: a new funding opportunity for lab equipment, specialist reagents, and consumables
Do you have a research project focusing on the genomic surveillance of malaria?

Update: The procurement grant is now closed and we are no longer accepting applications.

Do you have a research project focusing on the genomic surveillance of malaria?

Have you experienced logistical difficulties procuring equipment or reagents for your project?

MalariaGEN is pleased to work with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to address the challenges of global supply chains and improve research capacity for genomic surveillance of malaria. We have now reopened the grant for 2023/24 and are accepting new applications.

The aim of this grant opportunity is to support research laboratories in malaria endemic countries with the procurement of equipment and specialist reagents and consumables that are logistically challenging to purchase through existing local distribution channels. Please note that the grant does not support procurement for items where reasonable distribution channels are available.

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How does the grant work?

This grant is intended to cover the costs of equipment and specialist reagents and consumables that are difficult to procure through local distribution channels. Once an application has been approved, MalariaGEN will organise procurement of the item(s) through approved suppliers. Items will be shipped directly to the recipient stated on the application. The cost of shipment for all items procured will also be covered by the grant should your request be approved. As a result, there will be no need for reimbursements.

Who can apply?

Principal Investigators undertaking genomic surveillance of malaria with data generated in a malaria-endemic country can apply. You do not need to be a MalariaGEN partner, but should be at least partially funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, either directly or through a MalariaGEN partnership.

How do I apply?

You will need to justify your request including details of current distribution challenges and provide an estimated budget. To support your application, please include a quote from the past 12 months for any items over $2000, which must include the manufacturer, product code, link to item on manufacturer’s website, and cost of each item.

If you request is initially approved you will be asked to submit precise details of all items listed in your application. This includes manufacturer, model, specifications and source link of each item. Only once these details are received will we be able to proceed with your procurement application. Please note that if there are significant discrepancies in the actual costs of items compared to the costs included in your application we may not be able to fulfil the procurement request.

To apply, please complete the application form and budget and email it to

This is a pilot scheme and your feedback is welcome. For more information, please contact


How much can I apply for? Is there a maximum value?

The expectation is that any equipment purchased would be small equipment and therefore not high-cost. We would normally expect to award up to $35,000 to each awardee.

What is the deadline for applications?

We are currently no longer accepting applications for the procurement grant.

Whose property will the items be?

All items will be the property of the grantee once received and warranty will be in the name of the grantee.

Can I use the fund to cover the cost of equipment maintenance?

No, the cost of maintenance of equipment is beyond the scope of this fund and will be the responsibility of the applicant.

Can I use the fund for personnel, travel or consultancy?

No, the fund cannot be used for personnel, travel or consultancy. It can only be used for equipment, specialist reagents and consumables. Shipment of the items will be covered by the funds.

If I am not eligible for the fund currently, could I use it in the future?

This is a pilot project and, if successful, we hope to be able to expand the fund in the future.

What reagents and consumables are covered by the fund?

The fund will cover specialist reagents and consumables only. Standard laboratory reagents and consumables that can be purchased through existing distribution channels will not be covered by the fund.

What kinds of items cannot be covered by the grant? 

Examples of categories not suitable for this grant include plasticware, PPE such as gloves, and other standard reagents and consumables that can be sourced through local distributors. Due to the limited budget, it is not possible to fund larger items of equipment, including sequencers.