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Apply for a mosquito partner study
If you are planning a study that includes mosquito samples that could be used in malaria genomic surveillance such as insecticide resistance, you can apply for a partner study using this step-by-step guide.

Study application process

1) Complete a partner study proposal form and submit it to

2) MalariaGEN reviews and accepts or rejects your partner study proposal

3) Compliance process begins for accepted studies, including:

3.1) Finalising local ethics approval (if applicable) and sharing documentation with MalariaGEN
3.2) Apply for Nagoya protocol approval with MalariaGEN support – this can be a lengthy process and is best started as soon as possible
3.3) Arrange Material Transfer Agreement between MalariaGEN and collaborator Institutes as needed

4) Send completed Sample Information Sheet (SIS) to MalariaGEN (more information provided in partner study resources)

6) Submit samples for processing

Overview of partner study application process

Samples and protocols

We can only accept whole mosquitoes that have been plated in ethanol. The best sequencing results come from mosquitoes that have been collected straight into ethanol, though previously desiccated mosquitoes that have been transferred into ethanol are also viable. We recommend transfer to ethanol as soon as possible. We may also accept extracted DNA with a minimum volume of 200ng in 100ul.

Species that we routinely process are:

  • Anopheles gambiae
  • Anopheles funestus

The collection shipping protocol is available in partner study resources.