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1021 Building a national repository of malaria isolates in Papua New Guinea

Location: Papua New Guinea (PG).


Partner study description

Samples from Papua New Guinea were collected as part of ongoing malaria surveillance efforts to build a national repository of malaria isolates. Some of these samples were obtained as part of MalariaGEN Consortial Project 1. These samples helped form the cornerstone of MalariaGEN’s initial efforts to characterise Plasmodium genome variation, and contributed to the development of field and lab-based sample handling methods, sequencing approaches, and data analysis pipelines. In a follow-up study, MalariaGEN is working with Dr Alyssa Barry from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Australia, to sequence Plasmodium falciparum isolates from two additional populations and to develop a PNG-specific assay for genotyping and population genetic studies of a nation-wide P. falciparum sample collection.