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1026 Effects of transmission intensity on population structure and signatures of selection in Guinea

Location: Guinea (GN).


Partner study description

This study was designed to identify malaria parasite genes under selection in the highly endemic forested area of southern Guinea, where very few studies on malaria have been conducted previously. These results were compared with a parasite population from the Greater Banjul Area where malaria transmission is highly seasonal and relatively low. The findings contributed to global research efforts to identify parasite genes involved in pathogenesis, susceptibility to immune responses, and therapeutic agents. This study also provided a training opportunity in population genomics and bioinformatics for Victor Mobegi as a PhD student. Some analyses of the data are given in the original publication: Mobegi, V.A. et al. (2014) Genome-wide analysis of selection on the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum in West African populations of differing infection endemicity. Molecular Biology and Evolution, 31:1490-1499.