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1083 Alternative molecular mechanisms for erythrocyte invasion by Plasmodium falciparum in Ghana

Location: Ghana (GH).


Partner study description

The intensity of malaria transmission varies considerably among sites in Ghana due to differences in average temperatures, rainfall patterns, and urbanization. This study has selected two locations that have among the highest transmission rates in Ghana: Kintampo in central Ghana and Navrongo in northern Ghana. It will examine the relationship between ligand gene expression in parasite isolates and anti-ligand antibody titers in the infected hosts, and expects that immune pressure will select for parasites that most effectively evade antibody recognition. Genomes of parasite isolates with contrasting phenotypes, in the context of varying antibody titres and gene expression profiles, will be sequenced to explore if polymorphisms in or flanking the ligand genes, or elsewhere in the genome, are associated with parasite resistance to anti-EBA or Rh ligand antibodies.