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1146 Characterisation of drug resistance in Plasmodium falciparum populations

Location: Indonesia (ID).


Partner study description

Ric Price and Rintis Noviyanti are the principal investigators in a genome-wide study aiming to characterise the molecular profile of drug resistance-conferring variants in Indonesian Plasmodium falciparum populations. The study entails genome-wide scans to identify novel resistance variants as well as characterising known variants in P. falciparum field isolates with ex vivo-determined drug sensitivity profiles for a range of antimalarial drugs. Samples are contributed by consenting patients attending local health centres and hospitals in Indonesia. The study is conducted alongside a genome-wide scan to identify and characterise drug-resistance conferring variants in P. vivax field isolates sourced from co-endemic sites in Indonesia and from Thailand. These studies are coordinated by Sarah Auburn and Jutta Marfurt.