About the Plasmodium falciparum version 7 data

4 Jun 2021

This page provides information about upcoming Plasmodium falciparum genomic data generated by MalariaGEN using the version 7 pipeline for variant discovery and genotype calling, due for release in 2022.


This data set has been formed in collaboration with multiple partner studies, each with its own research objectives and led by a local investigator. These studies span MalariaGEN projects including Pf community project, GenRe-Mekong and SpotMalaria. Genome sequencing is performed centrally, and partner studies are free to analyse and publish the genetic data produced on their own samples, in line with MalariaGEN’s guiding principles on equitable data sharing.

The previous Pf6 data release was in 2020 (https://www.malariagen.net/data/catalogue-genetic-variation-p-falciparum-v6.0). The latest Pf7 release builds on this by including an additional 13,751 samples the majority of which were collected since 2015 and most of which were collected as dried blood spots.


Our accompanying data exploration tool is available online (https://www.malariagen.net/apps/pf7/) and provides an overview of the data and contributing partner studies.

More information will be included here as the manuscript is developed and data released open access.