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1017 Population genetics of natural populations in Northern Ghana

Location: Ghana (GH).


Partner study description

In collaboration with colleagues at the Navrongo Health Research Center, Dr Lucas Amenga-Etego conducted his thesis research under the guidance of Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski on genetic diversity in natural populations of Plasmodium falciparum sampled from seven clinical sites throughout the Kassena-Nankana Districts of the upper East region, Ghana. Based on ecological and epidemiological differences, the study delineates six sub-populations partitioned into three broad categories: 1) lowland savannah, comprising mainly the central district, mid-south villages and eastern cluster of villages; 2) rocky highlands, comprising Chiana and Kayoro; and, 3) forest, mainly the enclave of Naga. Whole genome sequencing and genotyping are being used to study the population genetics of parasites from the different micro-ecological zones of the study area, and to compare these to patterns observed across West Africa.