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1238 Research on malaria molecular and genomic epidemiology in all drug-resistance regions of Vietnam: case-control research on the risk factors

Location: Vietnam (VN).


Genetic surveillance project conducted by the National Malaria Control Programme in partnership with GenRe-Mekong in endemic regions of Vietnam. The study aimed to determine risk factors for catching malaria in high endemic areas of Vietnam, including travel, to identify where people were likely being infected and determine how much antimalarial drug resistance there is. Dried blood spot (DBS) samples were collected along with surveys on potential risk factors from every confirmed case of Plasmodium falciparum and/or Plasmodium vivax malaria presenting at public health facilities. The aims of the genetic analysis were to determine the prevalence and geographic distribution of antimalarial drug resistance-linked genetic mutations, as well as the genetic structure of the parasite population, likely routes of gene flow between populations, and geographic origins of parasites.