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1291 MIRANDA study
Project: SpotMalaria

Location: Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo) (CD).


The main objective of this study is to demonstrate that pregnant women attending Antenatal Care (ANC) clinics in the DRC are a suitable, pragmatic sentinel population for the genetic surveillance of antimalarial drug resistance in the general population. In other words, malaria infections in pregnant women have a genetic profile of resistance to antimalarial drugs comparable to that of children in the same area.

The primary endpoint is the presence and frequency of mutations associated to antimalarial drug resistance in the population of pregnant women and in that of children. The primary source of this information will be SpotMalaria Genetic Report Cards (GRCs).

Study design: We will carry out a 12-month prospective malariometric survey on pregnant women (any age and trimester of pregnancy) who attend 4 ANC clinics in urban and semirural Kinshasa and on children (under 14) living in the same catchment areas where the ANC clinics are located.

Sites: Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo