1017 Population genetics of natural populations in Northern Ghana


Locations: Ghana (GH)

Partner study description

In collaboration with colleagues at the Navrongo Health Research Center, Dr Lucas Amenga-Etego conducted his thesis research under the guidance of Prof Dominic Kwiatkowski on genetic diversity in natural populations of Plasmodium falciparum sampled from seven clinical sites throughout the Kassena-Nankana Districts of the upper East region, Ghana. Based on ecological and epidemiological differences, the study delineates six sub-populations partitioned into three broad categories: 1) lowland savannah, comprising mainly the central district, mid-south villages and eastern cluster of villages; 2) rocky highlands, comprising Chiana and Kayoro; and, 3) forest, mainly the enclave of Naga. Whole genome sequencing and genotyping are being used to study the population genetics of parasites from the different micro-ecological zones of the study area, and to compare these to patterns observed across West Africa.

Key People

Dr Abraham Hodgson
Ghana Health Service, Ministry of Health, Ghana
Patrick Odum Ansah
Navrongo Health Research Centre, Ghana