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1268 Pan-African Malaria Genetic Epidemiology Network (PAMGEN) Plasmodium falciparum samples

Locations: Cameroon (CM), Ethiopia (ET), The Gambia (GM), Ghana (GH), Madagascar (MG), Mali (ML), Tanzania (TZ).

Human Mosquito Parasite

Partner study description

The Plasmodium falciparum samples due to be collected from seven countries (The Gambia, Ghana, Mali, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Madagascar) will contribute to the Pan-African Malaria Genetic Epidemiology Network (PAMGEN) project. The aim of PAMGEN is to create a robust network of African scientists – within and outside Africa– in collaboration with leading researchers around the world, who use the latest genetics and genomics science to contribute towards malaria elimination efforts in Africa. By combining data from across the continent and from across human, parasite, and vector samples, PAMGEN will better understand the deadly evolutionary arms race of malaria.